Ore to Joushi no Kakushigoto (俺と上司のかくしごと)

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ore to joushi no kakushigoto

Anezaki is the kind of boss everyone hates. He dumps all the hard work and overtime to his subordinate while taking all the credits to himself. What a jerk. He is especially bad news to an idol wota like Mikado. Imagine missing your fave’s live performance because you’re drowning in the sea of paperwork. Gods, that’s just horrible.

I still can’t decide what’s with this manga that appeals to me. If it’s just the part where Anezaki broke down and that confession scene, then I loved this to bits. But even in that part, it feels like a huge bomb dropped on me from nowhere. But I guess, that is Ore to Joushi no Kakushigoto’s charm too. You wouldn’t have guessed which turn it will take.

Right from the start, the manga leans more to comedy. Anezaki’s egoistic remarks and Mikado’s fanboying tendencies crack me up (though I did want to punch Anezaki at the beginning). Then someone from Anezaki’s past came along, and things start spiraling downward for him.

Under that prideful self lies a vulnerable Anezaki. You wouldn’t have thought he had insecurities when the story started. This may be the reason why Mikado can’t leave him by himself even if it seems like taking care a willful and petulant child.

Compared to his worries, it feels like Mikado’s troubles are minuscule and insignificant. I mean, while he is becoming more aware of his boss and eventually falling for him, Anezaki falls for him for accepting who he is. And that’s a big deal for Anezaki with all the walls and baggage he has.

My favorite part will forever be the scenes leading up to the confession scene and the confession itself.

ore to joushi no kakushigoto

That was a very emotionally charged confession.

And I love it to bits.

Kashima Chiaki dumps all the emotional parts in one go, that did not only overwhelm me (in a good way) but also makes half of the book pale in comparison to this single scene. So much that I can’t seem to remember what happened before and after that www. I loved how they don’t go “I like you,” “okay, I like you too *smooooooch*” right away. Anezaki still has so many inhibitions and uncertainties for that. Mikado, too.

I need a sequel. So much. My heart hurts.

There’s just not enough romance. As I read through this, I grew to love these two. But the book ended when things are getting better.

Series Information
Ore to Joushi no Kakushigoto by Kashima Chiaki
Available at Rakuten Kobo, CDJapan

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