Noblesse oblige

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

After her college graduation, Morimi Saki has a trip to New York as her graduation gift. There she met a naked man who helped her from getting caught by the NY police. This man, who she later learned as Takizawa Akira, has amnesia. Both of them went back to Japan to find who this person really is.

Since I’ve just finished it only yesterday, I can barely remember what happened in the previous episode so make sure when you start watching this, don’t be like me. ^^”  I remembered talking to my friend on MAL and she told me that this one’s good so I gave it a shot and never ever once regretted it.

I immediately liked it from the very beginning. The story was presented in a light and humorous way. It is interesting in a way that it slowly indulges the viewer to the story.  It’s theme is mysterious enough to keep you asking for more episodes. The eleven episode of this series can give you a mixed feeling of knowing the secrets of the story but then again you can’t.

The story centers mostly on Takizawa and Saki. They, along with the other supporting characters, are all loveable. All of them appeared to be mature individuals that think first before they act. The development and progress of each of the characters are apparent on each episode.

As what I’ve mentioned on my review on Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, both anime have the same style of animation. Even, the songs are almost on the same genre. The ending sequence of this series is really cute, btw.

This is really a must see for those who are a fan of sci-fi, slice of life genre. Even if you are not a fan, once you started watching this, you’ll continue this until the end.

The first movie entitled Higashi no Eden: King of the East is already out (subs are out ^^”) so be sure to check it out too. The second movie will come out anytime soon.. 😀

Your thoughts?

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