New Appleseed CGI Anime Series Announced

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2010)

According to MyCom Journal, a new anime series of Appleseed was announced to start in the Spring of 2011. It’s a 13 episode CGI anime series titled "Appleseed XIII" and there is no direct relation to Appleseed (2004) and Appleseed Saga Ex Machina. A new story of Deunanand Briareos will be told.


Director: Hamana Takayuki
Series Composition: Fujisaku Junichi
Original Character Design: Shirow Masamune
Anime Character Design: Goto Takayuki
Mecha Design: Takeuchi Atsushi ("The Sky Crawlers")
Production Studios: Jinni’s Animation Studios ("Fireball"), Production I.G (contract studio)
Source: MyCom Journal
The production of Appleseed: Genesis has been suspended due to the dispute between the producers.


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