Mystery Novel of GOSICK’s Author Gets Anime Movie Adaptation

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2010)

According to Taiyosha, an anime movie project of Sakuraba Kazuki‘s historical mystery novel "Fuse: Gansaku Satomi Hakkenden" was announced to get underway.
Cover of Fuse novel


Based on a Japanese classic novel Satomo Hakkenden.
Atrocious crimes by human-dog hybrids called "Fuse" have frequently been happening in Edo. A hunter girl Hamaji starts hunting Fuse with her brother. A son of Takizawa Bakin stalks her and shows suspicious moves. One day, Hamaji wanders into an underpass chasing a Fuse. There the Fuse tells her a sad story of their wheel of fortune…
Source: Taiyosha


I was racking my brain about GOSICK. Where the hell have I heard of this title? Then, I’ve realized it was one of the new titles that will be coming up this Winter 2011. I’ll be watching it and this another one for sure.. :)))

Your thoughts?

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