My Love is a Stapler

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2009)

I love this song.!!!!! The title is weird (My love is a Stapler) but the lyrics and the tune are pretty catchy. Yui on MC is also cute. I came to like Mio again after all the over moeness she’d shown on the past episodes (No offense to Mio fans). Mio and Yui as duets is a good idea. I just love the two of them singing this song.!

Yay. Finally, Azusa appeared in this episode. My online friends from Japinoy who are fans of K-ON! have been waiting for her appearance. She’s so cute. So tsundere-like. But I still like Yui. ^O^

Credits to MegadaveX from Youtube for uploading it.

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      1. haha, they have REALLY weird song titles! XD i hope the next one will be the curry/rice thingie… (they have that one on the list, right? ^^;)

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