More BL Anime to Come 💕

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2015)

Rejoice fujoshi! 2015 is a good year for BL fans. 😀

This is (sort of) a list of announced BL anime so far. I can’t say I’m not surprised that the announcements come one after the other!

💕 Junjou Romantica

Who hasn’t missed Usami and Misaki’s buttsecks pairing? More like, who hasn’t missed Sakurai Takahiro in a BL role? www I’m crossing my fingers that the NowakixHiroki pairing will make an appearance too!

Official Site:


💕 Dokyuusei

God. Do I have to explain why this is the best news so far? I swear, I go ASLKFJLSKF when I heard the news.

Nojima Kenji and Kamiya Hiroshi will be Sajou Rihito and Kusakabe Hikaru, respectively.

Official Site:


💕 Finder Second Animix

I thought the animix phase is over? Or are they just being consistent since the first Finder is an animix? Either way, I’m happy for more Asami and Akihito. 8D

Official Site:


💕 Super Lovers

For some reason, I keep on thinking that Honto Yajuu is the one that will have an anime lol. Maybe soon!

I admit I find this tad weird plus the apparent age gap and the familial relationship makes me go O_O. I tried reading some scans before though and it made me want to read more about them lol. It’s not helping that Haru is my type of bishie. How could I resist him!? www

Other than anime, there are also live-action film adaptations! I haven’t tried anything live BL though but with Seven Days movie, I think I’ll have to consider watching them. Hmm.

This will be a 2-part film starting with Monday-Thursday or the book’s first volume.

The second film, which will premier on July 4, will be Friday-Sunday — the second volume of the book.

The films feature James Takeshi Yamada as Shino Yuzuru and Tomoki Hirose as Seiryo Touji.

And then there’s Hideyoshico’s Udagawa-cho de Mattete yo.

From ANN:

Mario Kuroba, Eiji Kikumaru in The Prince of Tennis musical’s 2nd season and a grand prize finalist in Junon magazine’s 23rd Super Boy Contest, plays Momose. Ryūgi Yokota, the special judge’s award winner in the 25th Junon Super Boy Contest, plays Yashiro.

The film will open at Tokyo’s Shibuya Humax Cinema on July 25. That same day, the next issue of Shodensha‘s on Blue magazine (vol. 18) will publish a feature on Hideyoshico.

There you have it~. This is going to be a blissful BL year. 😀

Credits to Youtube user HHC for the The Ultimate Yaoi Fangirl Song. Too bad I couldn’t find the one with the English one. ; u ;

3 thoughts on “More BL Anime to Come 💕

  1. The only one I’m planning to watch is Doukyuusei. <3 I really like Seven Days but I don't think I can bring myself watch it as a live action. I actually used to follow Super Lovers but I got lazy. w I guess it must've been popular enough to get an anime.

    Oh, and I'll add you when I get back home! My PSN should be obvious enough 😀

    1. Sorry for the really late reply. T____T

      I don’t think I could watch a live action BL too ^^;;;. I still can’t understand the popularity of Super Lovers. That, or it’s because I haven’t really read it. ;;;

      Added you back! 😀 I added the orenjiyume username before so I was surprised when what I received turned out to be the kin one lol.

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