Moe Koi! 2 (萌恋! 2)

By accident, I discover that there is a sequel of Moe Koi!. Yaaay~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

This time they added Makabe Jin (CV: Sugita Tomokazu) to your harem. <(ゝω•)~☆ If you haven’t read my post about the first CD, it’s here.

Be warned that I might commit some minor errors since I couldn’t help but rofl too much from this CD. 

The CD starts with you in another doujin event. Kouki and Touya become pretty much your assistant during the event. However, you need to go somewhere so they cover up for you. Then, a flashy guy arrives with all the girls ‘kyaa kyaa-ing’ about him. The two guys get ‘blinded’ by this guy lol. He is so sparkly ahahaha. You come back and call the flashy guy ‘onii-chan’. Of course, this surprises both Kouki and Touya. The other guy introduces himself as Makabe Jin, your cousin xD. He is a popular model which is obvious with the amount of fangirls when he arrives. The moment Jin sees you, he immediately say “My sweet purinsesuu!” wahahaha. He starts calling you ‘Hime’ and clings onto you much to the annoyance of the other two.

On your summer break, the guys ask you to go somewhere with them but you refuse and says that you will come to Jin’s house. Jin greets them in his mansion and asks why are you with the BL couple lmao. Of course, he isn’t glad to see them and so as the other guys since she’ll be in Jin’s care. Jin says that he has a collection of everything that can fulfill her otaku needs. Touya notes that the amount of manga he has is like a library already. OMG adopt me Jin! Adopt meeee! While you’re away (perhaps you have already indulge to your otaku needs), Jin recalls how he fell in love with you. It seems like he falls for you during your elementary years when the two of you are reading manga together lol. The other two feel like he has the upperhand between the three of them, but states firmly that their feelings for you won’t lose to Jin. Thus the birth of a love triangle lol. Congratulations! You have Kamiya, OnoD, and Sugitan all over you! xDD

Kouki, Touya, and you go to amusement park together. They are happy that Jin is not with them as the latter is busy with his job. While the guys are busy thinking where to go, they lost you again :|. How insensitive can you be, leaving your companions like that. The two are shock and remark that that will become a true BL date lol. So they look for you separately. The one who found you first is Kouki. You are watching a hero show. Then the villain shows and holds you as the hostage. The announcer says that Kouki should fight using the power of love lmao. He gets embarrassed but managed to say his real feelings for you (somehow a scene from Daimos flashed through my mind lol). After that, you praise him for saying such a good line. But he monologues that those are his real feelings. D’awwww. However, he gets distracted and you go away on your own again. How heartless. 😐

Touya looks for you too and spots a cosplay masquerade. He thinks that you’ll most likely go there. Upon looking around, he eventually spots you. Touya encourages you to change into a cosplay outfit and you change into…a character from a gag manga. xD;; Touya is tad disappointed but still manages to ask you to take pictures with him. Only to be cockblocked by Kouki lol. Just then, the emcee in the masquerade introduces Jin and ‘kyaaa’ moments ensues from his fangirls XD. Despite the crowd, Jin manages to find you among them because of your aura lmao which surprises the guys as well. He says really sweet and cheesy words; lines which you usually read from the prince in a shoujo manga xDD.

Then, there is also a scene where everyone thinks that an emergency came. Only to find out that you have a slump and can’t draw your doujins. The doujin event will happen the next day yet you haven’t done anything yet. Kouki says that you shouldn’t push yourself and let the event pass. The other two do not agree with him though. Lol the guy is just being rational. Afraid that he might have hurt you from what he said, he says that he’ll do anything that can help you. That sparks your imagination and asks them to dress for her. The roles are: Jin as the Earl, Touya as the butler (Sebastiaaan!), and Kouki as the…maid. Pffft. The first scene is a hizama scene between the Earl and the butler rofl. Jin and Touya are already into the character while Kouki is still embarrassed. Poor guy, getting drag into all of this xD;;. While the guys are busy with the characters they are projecting, you are drawing them lightning fast! I guess the real-life BL in front of you hit the right button lol. I am busy lol’ing around my bed that I don’t catch what is happening until the Earl orders the butler to do something to the maid. And Touya says “Yes, My lord.” Kyaaaaaaaaa Sebbyyyyy! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Ahahahaha omg OnoD, my heart can’t handle that. XDD

The next day is the Comic Parade. Even if they are rivals, Jin entrusted you to the two guys. Anyway, the event goes well after all that slump thing!

Just like the previous CD, this has a confession scene from the three of them. Kouki’s confession is really sweet. While Touya asks you to call him his name, anata, and then, goshujin-sama. Ahaha. Jin confesses to which he starts by saying ‘Welcome home! Which one do you like to do first, food, bath, or me?” Ahahahahaha reminds me of Junjou Romantica xD /shot. He wants you to see him as a man, not just the older brother-figure though he does not dislike it too.

For the free talk, they are surprisingly quiet. Well not really quiet but not that much fooling around compared to the first one. They talk about Jin’s character, where they want to go on a summer date among others.

I loved how quickly Kouki became accustomed to the otaku world. The joke about his maid outfit never gets old to me XD. They didn’t use any female seiyuu so you’ll hear the guys voicing as girls and going ‘kyaaaa’ for Jin. Ahahahaa. It sounded so okama. XDD

Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this as much as I enjoy the first one. I’m also quite disappointed that Sugitan used his low voice for his character. It isn’t what I imagined when I first saw the booklet. Albeit the disappointment on his voice, I still enjoyed his character. It made the CD 10x enjoyable than the first one. Highly recommended! But don’t forget to listen to the first CD too! 😀

Your thoughts?

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