Moe Koi (萌恋!)

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2012)

Moe Koi is basically about two guys who happen to fall in love with you. One of the guys named Higuchi Touya (CV: Ono Daisuke) is an otaku like you. The other guy is Komine Kouki (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) who has no knowledge about fandom and such; but is willing to get drag will all this after he falls in love with you at first sight.

So it starts with the three of you going in an event. Touya and Kouki got separated from you. While wandering around looking for you, Kouki asks Touya things about the fandom and whatever he sees in the event like what is the meaning of moe etc. There is also this scene where they rounded to the BL alley and Kouki asks why are there a lot of fangirls in that area. Touya answers that it’s the BL area and mentions that you are a fujoshi as well. He teases Kouki and says, “Want to try holding hand to see what it feels like?” or something. (๑´ლ`๑)

The next tracks are about your dates with each one of them. You and Kouki go to otome road, while you went to shop more doujin stuff and go to Akiba with Touya. More moe stuff in these tracks~ x3

Then there is a scene where you are doing a doujin and you need to make it until the event. The two guys help you out. It’s funny that when you are about to fall asleep, these two tried everything to wake you up. You fall asleep anyway lol. With all the help Kouki has provided, you give him a handmade maid uniform xDDD.

At the end of the CD, there is a separate track in which Kouki and Touya confess to you. Both of them are moe but Touya is, of course, more otaku-like.

In the free talk, Kamiyan and OnoD talk about the things that they are into during their high school days. I can’t remember the other things that they are talking about since I am lol’ing all the time because of OnoD. xD

Love love love this CD. It lived to its name being so moe~.  Any fangirl can surely relate to this one. The two characters, Kouki and Touya, are so much fun to listen to. I appreciate Kouki’s love for you. He goes as far as helping you in your BL doujin, visits Otome Road, and exposes himself to otaku world all for you! He doesn’t want to lose to Touya who seems to have an advantage for being an otaku. Touya, however, doesn’t love you just because you are a fangirl but because it’s you. At least he wouldn’t question you if he finds you reading a BL manga. He might even read it with you! lol

I enjoy the voice acting that OnoD and Kamiyan did (who am I kidding, I always like these two XD). Fanboy OnoD FTW! XDD

7 thoughts on “Moe Koi (萌恋!)

  1. Haha, I remember listening to this last winter. I always listen to Drama CDs before sleeping so it was extremely hard trying not to burst out laughing.
    I agree with you that both OnoD and Kamiyan are awesome in this CD. So many embarrassing moments like when they wear the maid outfit and go “Nya nya nyan~”
    God, I’m blushing just thinking about it OTL

    1. OMGG now that you mentioned it, I can’t stop myself from laughing. XD
      Who would you choose between the two? 😀
      Oh and have you listened to Moe Koi 2 yet? The one with Sugita.

      1. Hehe, well, I’ve been a big OnoD fan since I first got interested in anime and manga, so my choice is pretty obvious (✧≖‿ゝ≖)
        I didn’t know there was a sequel! Got to find it and listen to it later then~

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