Megane Goshi no Sora wa

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2010)

English Title: The Sky Over My Spectacles

Mangaka: Tennouji Mio

Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Drama

Publisher: Biblos, Libre Shuppan

Magazine: Magazine Be x Boy

Volume/s: 1

Chapter/s: 6

Azuma Shirou is known for his fetish for people who are wearing spectacles. But according to him, not all who wears spectacles are fine with him. On the contrary, his gaze unconsciously follows Sorachi, a guy who wears spectacles. He often thought that Sorachi hates him or is it really hate?

Chapter 4 (Let’s Fall in Love)

Sawai is a really fortunate guy. Aside from being popular, many cute girls are confessing to him which makes other guys envy him. Unknown to the whole campus, he’s doing “it” with his schoolmate, Minami. Is he just tired of women so he comes to Minami?

Chapter 5 (Let’s Meet at One O’Clock)

A new cafe near Saegusa Noritaka’s office attracted him. What attracted him most is the cafe owner, Nanase Ikumi. But whenever Saegusa comes close, Nanase avoids him.

Chapter 6

Kirishima has always been playing the good older brother role to Shirai Tetsuji, his younger childhood friend. The truth is, he is in love to Tetsuji but the younger guy is leaving for college. One day, after their drinking session, Tetsuji kisses him.!

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