Media Blaster to Resume Yaoi/BL line in 2011

(Last Updated On: November 28, 2010)

Media Blasters has confirmed on Twitter that it will resume its stalled Yaoi and Boys Love imprint at the beginning of next year, following months of inactivity.  The media distributor’s last respective titles in each genre were postponed this summer after layoffs in March and before its logistical transition to the Allegro Media Group, which was recently completed. More information, including its forthcoming lineup of titles will be unveiled after the beginning of the new year.

[via @mediablasters on Twitter]


Anime News Biz

Hooooraaaaay!!! There are three things I’m wishing right now. First, lots of money so I can order lots of yaoi/shoujo manga. Second, be able to have a profound knowledge on Japanese language, enough to be a translator that could help these publishing houses. Lastly, to become an official manga reviewer so that I could help lots of readers, promote good titles, warn them on bad ones, and have a review copy to read other available translated materials.. :))))

Your thoughts?

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