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(Last Updated On: January 2, 2010)

Quoted from ANN:

Youka Nitta, the manga creator best known for Haru wo Daiteita (Embracing Love) and other boys-love stories, launched her new Otodama horror mystery manga in the February issue of Shinshokan’s Wings magazine on Monday. In addition to the first manga chapter, the magazine issue already includes a mini audio drama of Otodama on CD.

Another popular creator, Yukie Nasu of Here is Greenwood fame, is launching a Mahō Tsukai no Musume sequel called Mahō Tsukai no Musume ni Araszu in the magazine’s April issue on February 27. In the original fantasy comedy manga, a high school girl deals with having Japan’s most powerful onmyōji (conjurer) as a stepfather, as well as her own ability to see apparitions. The original manga ended its irregularly published run in Wings magazine in October in the December issue.

Hajime Tojitsuki will also launch the Boku to Kanojo to Sempai no Hanashi manga series in the April issue, while Yuiji Aniya, a creator best known for boys-love stories, will make her Wings debut with a two-part manga called O-hi-sama no shita no Luna.

cool.. more boys’ love manga to come..

Quoted from ANN:

The Japanese publisher Ichijinsha has announced on Tuesday that it is planning to launch a new magazine called WAaI! boys in skirts about “male maidens” this coming spring. According to the publisher’s website, the magazine’s “cuties can’t possibly be girls!”
According to its official blog, the new magazine was announced at the first day of the Comic Market dōjinshi convention in Tokyo. Ichijinsha’s commercial booth at the convention is offering two telephone cards with images from the upcoming publication.

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