Lupin Sansei vs Meitantei Conan

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

With Lupin on the oose, Conan will be the one investigating his crime. That’s, at least, what I thought when I first learned about this. Who would have thought that the phantom thief and our favorite detective will be in the same movie. Shown last March 27, 2009, this is a special feature to commemorate the 55th anniversary of NTV and the 50th anniversary of Yomiuri TV (Anidb).

The story revolves around the case in Vespania where the Queen was shot by her son then the Prince committed suicide after. The remaining heir from the direct line of the royal family , Princess Mira, also have threats in her life. Caught between circumstances, Conan decided to help the Royal Family in solving the case. On the other hand, Lupin & Jigen are up to their new target. The precious item which belongs to the Royal Family of Vespania. Fujiko also has a mysterious work to do. Find out what will happen if Conan and Lupin crossed paths.

Honestly, I thought that this would be a face-off between the two of them. i mean, what would a detective do with a thief? Investigate to be able to capture him, right? But, I thought that it would be impossible, too. Lupin’s cases are in the hands of Detective Zenigata. Besides, Conan’s specialty is murder cases. That’s how the movie will enter. A single case in Vespania make way for Lupin and Conan’s meeting. it’s like two different (not so, i guess) stories combined into one.

The case itself is not something new. it was rather an expected one. They might not focus on that aspect. Instead, it’s more on how this case will draw the characters closer and act together uder the same circumstances.

The characters from both series have their usual looks and personalities. The two main characters have been both given an equal amount of exposure. They also represented the light and serious side of the story. The modern animation used in the movie did not affect the usual look of the characters from Lupin III. They’re still sneaky, afterall.

What I like most in the story is not the case itself. Rather, it’s Lupin’s intentions. Sure, he is a sneaky thief. But he cares about other people, too. Years have passed since i last watched the series so it’s quite surprising to see a “profound” Lupin.

Your thoughts?

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