La Corda d’Oro ~second passo~ Second Movement

(Last Updated On: June 7, 2009)

I watched it last night in Zomganime. I don’t know who subbed it but I believe that it was just a ripped off vid. Anyway, the story focused more on Kaji’s problems, the ensemble, and how great Kaho’s music. I’ll just post screenshots from Second Movement because I don’t know how to explain the whole ep..^_^

Now that I look at the pictures, I’m at lost where to start. @_@

Kaji and Tsuchiura. The two guys who used to hide their musical abilities.

Len and Kaji talking about Kaho’s music.

The next pictures are shots of Kaji while playing the viola for the first time in the anime.

Kaho on the background.

The next shots are those who are in the ensemble while arranging their instruments.

I want to throw Kaho in the outer space because of these.. LOL:

These are the other characters’ various reactions:

Love the reaction of Yunoki here. ^_^

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