La Corda d’Oro ~second passo~ First Movement

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2009)

After the long wait, it has been released last Thursday.! The subs was on Friday. *hugs the subbers*

The opening part was LOVE.! *fangirl squeal*

I miss the characters. I mean, the bishies..XP The second passo is a bit different from the season 2 in manga, but then, who cares? It’s still good anyway.. ^^

Hihara and Shimizu looks good on their new looks. (Hihara with long hair and Shimizu grew taller) Others haven’t changed much.

The new director was awesomely rude. XD Also, the other guy. (The red-haired guy)

He still looks cute..! ^_^

Shimizu’s becoming hot.. Yay.! Another bishie..

Len looks so cool with his violin. xD

Oh well, I’m not their fan but Tsuchiura and Yunoki are also cool..^__^

Now, here’s Kaji Aoi – Watashi no Ouji-sama..*kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

Even at a young age, he is soooooooooooooooooooo adorable..!!

Not just good-looking, but also athletic. Soooooooper love this pic.! *hyperventilates*

Here’s Kaji’s close up look:

This picture got me so envious.

I wish I was at Hino’s place instead of her..*evil laugh*…


Looking forward for the next ep. I hope the news that this has only has two episode isn’t true.

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  1. oh my gawd. thats some hell of a cool pics u have got there. i was just wondering if u could add some more screenshots from ep. 1 including their uniform. and yeah its heart breakingly true. i am sure i got to know that there are only 2 ep.

    1. sure..^_^ I’m also planning to rewatch the first ep. But I can’t post it as soon as possible. Hope that’s okay with you..^^”

      ep 2 will be out this June 5..^_^

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