La Corda d’Oro ~second passo~ First Movement part 2

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Here’s another batch of screenshots from the First Movement (as requested). Btw, have you read the latest chapter of La Corda? Kyaaaaa..More LenxKaho moments. Enought for the spoilers and moving on to the pictures.

Let’s start with the pictures of their new uniform.

The one Hino’s wearing is for the Regular Division students. Notice the difference to the Music Division students in the next picture.

I noticed that the Regular students have the logo of Seiso Academy on their left sleeve while for Music students, they have none. (Look at those three on the right.)

Next is the uniform of the guys.

I don’t know if Len and Yunoki don’t wear their ties.

The next one would be the picture of the heroine of the story. (Oh, such a lucky girl. So envious..xP)

Btw, I don’t have any idea why they change back to their previous school uniform. Maybe they just use the white one on school’s special occassions.

Hino while on her part-time job at a bookstore.

(Captivated by Kaji-kun?? >__<)

The following pictures are *coughs* the BISHIES. Yay..! ^_^

Let’s begin with the pictures during the final selection. (Note: I don’t put the picture of Len while playing the violin since I’ve already placed it on my previous post. ^^)

Presenting the winners..

Now the first placer:

I’ll also post random bishie pictures.


He’s already cute even at a young age. ^^

Here’s the older one.

Following this are the pictures of Hihara. (I only have 2.. xP)

Now for the rude ones..*evil laugh*

He’s saying bad things to Aoi-kun. >_<

He’s so cold..>_<

Now’s the turn of my ouji-sama..xD

Kaji Aoi-kun.. ^_____________^

*fangirl scream* *dies*

GAWD.. He’s blushing..!!

Nice to meet you, too. xDDDDDD

He’s handsome no matter what angle it is or emotion he is showing. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

He is becoming more handsome with his instrument. I want the second movement, NOW.! xDDD

OMG, you’re really a prince. xP

Some pictures for the HinoxKaji moments..

This is from their date. And this one too:

That ends the screenshots. Everyone, look forward for the next movement. Hope you enjoy the pictures. ^_^

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  1. Do you know when ep 2 is coming ?
    I really like how Mamoru Miyano is doing Kaji voice. Kaji is one of my favorite…. Or I don’t know if I should say that after only watching ep one

    1. It’s on June 5. I’ve also posted it here in my blog, the Announcement of the Second Movement..
      Me too.! ^^ I’m really happy when I learned that Mamoru Miyano will be the voice actor of Kaji.
      Oh, and I sooooo love Kaji..! 😀

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