La Corda d’Oro chapter 55-56

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Totally love Chapter 55-56 of La Corda..!

Especially Chapter 55. ^__^ It’s really sweet. I’m slowly becoming a LenxKaho supporter if this contines. I love the part when Len walked her home then there’s Len blushing.. ^O^

Hino is also becoming jealous because of the girl from the camp. I wonder if she will be okay in participating in the concours.

At last, Ryoutarou already admitted his feelings for Hino and he admitted it to Len.! 😀

On the other hand, Len still doesn’t tell Hino his plans on studying abroad.

At the end of chapter 56, Yunoki might have said something which is against to his grandmother. That’s why she slapped him.

I pity those bishies who won’thave Hino’s attention. It would be better if she’ll just give them to me..XP

Below are the scans of both chapters. Thanks to ashia and Kaito_Zero.

Beware.! Spoiler ahead.

from Chapter 55

from Chapter 56:

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  1. ummm……

    is their a video of this……
    i really wanna watch it…..
    y is it until ep.25 only…..

    1. The primo passo only has 25 episodes with a special episode the summer encore which makes it the 26th. 🙂

  2. ah……..

    is their a book….of it…….

    i like to watch this part…chapter.55

    or watever romantic scene that len and hino….have…

    or hoever among the other boys their….

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