Kyou & Tohru pairing (Fruits Basket)

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

When I first watched Fruits Basket, I can’t choose between Yuki and Kyou. While reading the manga, I’ve realized that Kyou and Tohru suited for each other (sorry for YukixTohru fans.. ^_^”)

One hint maybe was when Tohru went after Kyou even if he turned into a monster. It’s Tohru nature afterall. But then, it made them closer.

Here’s another proof that they really are closer with one another.

It’s not just Kyou that opened up to her. Tohru even told Kyou the sad story of her family. Look here.

After all the hardships, they still ended up together.

The two had their final say:

credits to the scanlators of the manga for the image. ^_^

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  1. I can’t tell anythin about this manga, I don’t read it XDD
    Btw… I love your new look of your blog great <3 very peacefull but with some power

  2. I just started reading the manga. I like Kyou’s transition starting from when he first appeared and crashed through the house like a mad idiot. I like it whenever he tries to be kinder and reserved, for Tohru. Though he doesn’t necessarily need it to be adored. He’s adorable by himself. 🙂

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