Kurokami The Animation

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Finally, I’ve decided to drop this series. It started sometime last January and I’ve only watched five episodes of this. (I can’t watch that time because of school..)

Originally, I planned to watch the whole series when I first read the summary. The picture looks like it has a high quality of animation (Picture can be deceiving huh?? ^^). So after I finished watching the first episode, I was like, “Ooh, okay. What is it all about again?”. I got somewhat confused midway of the episode. Like they’re making the story mysterious and all to the point that they’re forgetting to introduce some things. The animation, well, wasn’t bad but wasn’t also good. Just so-so. All in all, the first episode didn’t get my attention. Still, I continued watching it.

Even after I finished watching episode 5, the story didn’t get my curiosity. It failed in making me want to watch more of this. You see, some things are already clear to me like what are those mototsumitama, the terra, the doppeliner, etc. However you look at it, it is still about the partnership of an ordinary male student and a somewhat “god”-like girl (or a powerful shoujo..^^). Sound like Fate/Stay Night? XD

By the way, the animation didn’t get any better..^^

This is not at all bad review. I also have something that I like here. It’s the action scenes. It may not be perfectly done but it’s good. Kuro is powerful (as I’ve mentioned above) and she’s becoming more powerful when they synchronized. I love that part because it’s the start of the action/fighthing scenes..^_^

Your thoughts?

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