Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Angel Beats! review)

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Forgive me for using the same pic as to that of picspam post. ^^”

After I’ve typed the title, I just remembered that that was also the title of its manga version. No intention of copying the title or whatsoever. I thought that line fits this anime.

Finishing the last episode after watching other episodes months ago is not helpful in writing this review. I apologize beforehand for any lapses I may have written in this review.

You may also excuse me for skipping the summary part for I can barely recall the what-nots of this series to create a rational review. Anyway, there are lots of summary you can find online (ANN, AniDB, Wiki, MAL, etc)

Moving on to the review proper…

Undeniably, Angel Beats! was a dramatic anime. Don’t get me wrong. It has its fair share of comedy and action. There were even running gags on some episodes (and references on other show too. Resident Evil, Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuuutsu to name a few). Other than that, there was an underlying seirous tone on the plot that made me shed  quite a tear. You may also noticed that the action scenes were turned into a melancholic one. Though I must admit that there were some “dry” scenes that made me like “Wut?!!”. Kudos to the director, despite the limited number of episode, he was able to combine his limitless ideas altogether.

The animation was good, too. But that was not the reason I liked this one. It was because of the music. The show offered a vast kind of song. All the songs used were superb. The lyrics and the melody spoke of the characters themselves.

If you want some heart-warming and tear-jerking yet short series. Then Angel Beats! might be the one you are looking for.

Your thoughts?

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