Kimi ni Todoke: Seating Changed

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2009)

I’m having a real bad day today that even an exam exemption could not changed it.

Last week was a hell week to be continued on until Tuesday next week. I barely had a wink with all those pre-final and final exams. There were also a lot of people who did things enough to stress me out. I haven’t started anything now because laziness strikes again even if I already forced myself to start doing my school works bit by bit. Goodness, I definitely need a break!

And so, I decided to watch an anime to give me some piece of mind. I decided to watch Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You) episoded 2. In this episode, Sawako found a stray dog near a river and decided to leave her umbrella to prevent the puppy from soaking. At school, Kazehaya noticed that she is wet due to rain and he personally asked Yoshida to lend her sweat shirts to Sawako. As a sign of gratitude, Sawako left some drinks on the table of Yano, Yoshida, and Kazehaya. During their homeroom, their teacher told them to arrange seats among themselves. Of course, no one would like to seat near Sawako so Kazehaya decided to seat beside her. Yano, Yoshida, and even Ryuu followed him. On the last scene, Kurumi finally made an appearance.

I followed the manga but I can’t help but fall for Kazehaya again. He is really sweet and all. No wonder, girls on their campus have an agreement. The anime is a bit fast-paced having, I guess, 3-4 chapters of manga per episode. Anyway, that’s good. I can’t wait for the future episodes.

Btw, here’s my favorite screencap of Kazehaya from episode 2.

Your thoughts?

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