Kazehaya and his Rival

(Last Updated On: January 3, 2010)

This isn’t something new to me. Months ago, Maakusutipen-san from Japinoy has posted something about the rival of Kazehaya to Sawako. I’ve also read something about him in wikipedia.

Warning! Spoiler Ahead:

You’re reading this because you decided to spoil yourself. 😛

So this guy I’m talking about is Kento Miura. He is the classmate of Sawako and Kazehaya on their first year. Kento is somewhat close to Sawako which of course, makes Kazehaya jealous. That’s as far as I know. ^^”

Upon knowing this, kento made me curious about his looks. Finally, someone posted the pic on Kimi ni Todoke community in LJ.

He looks cute, right???? haha. He also seems to be a funny guy. I hope the scanlations will go faster so that we will be able to read this part and see Kazehaya’s reaction. ^_^

Credits to senorita_rayne.

2 thoughts on “Kazehaya and his Rival

  1. EURY-NEE. I just started reading this manga and yes, I am on the last chapter. :))
    The story is awesome! And I like Kento. He can be a little bit annoying(and papansin) pero whaha. I like his personality. XD

    *fangirl mode*

    WHEW. I’ll come here to get updates from you. :3



    1. wow..thanks for visiting angel-chan.. ^_^
      I’m not so active right now and kind of outdated so I’m afraid that updates will be slower this time.. ^^”

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