Kaleido Star: Legend of Phoenix

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

It’s almost two or three ears have passed when I first watched it sereis and the ova “New Wings”. I’ve been a fan of this since then.

This ova is about the upcoming shows of Layla and also Sora both will be performing Phoenix on stage. Both are also looking for their own Phoenix to perform. This also contains flashbacks from te series as well as Layla’s childhood memories. The story focuses more on the struggles of Layla on finding her self-made Phoenix.

Sora, Ken, and May search for Layla when the latter ran away from Broadway and sets to her bicycle journey.

There are comebacking casts but most of them only did cameo roles (At least, I’m able to see Yuri again.XP) They haven’t changed (even Fool) but I can’t remeber Ken wearing glasses. He looks mature but still cute. ^_^

It is good like the series. The effects and animation didn’t fail me. The “finding yourself” them is usual, thugh. Even if it’s like that, I still buy it. The good friendship of Sora and Layla never ceased although they’re now taking different paths.

Your thoughts?

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