Kaichou wa Maid-sama to have an Anime

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2009)

Finally.!!! An anime of this shoujo manga. We can now have a chance to see a moving Usui. <3

On the October issue of Hakusensha’s Lala Magazine, it was said that this work of Hiro Fujiwara will finally have its anime adaptation. No other information has been revealed, though.

source: ANN and Anime Nation

0 thoughts on “Kaichou wa Maid-sama to have an Anime

  1. omg!i can’t believe it !!
    i love kachou very much !!
    i already read it in manga but it is now an anime !!!
    i can’t take it anymore !! i wanna die !!!!!!!!
    i can’t wait it to watch !!!

  2. waaah i really like the story…sooo funny..and the guy’s so sweeet..wish that guys in real life are like Usui!! hmmp handsome, strong all the qualities you would like in a guy are all in him!! waaa

    i wonder who he really is..im still in chapter 43…anyways i’ll wait for the next chapter and series!! (cant wait!)

  3. .::oMg, I can see miSaki and usuI fill in coloRs and aLso the other cHaracters_I cant wait to watcH them!!!!!!! i’m so eXcited that i couldn’t breatH!!!! I Love Usui veRy mucH especially when he wore a navy suit and tie his hair when playing baskeTbALL!!::.

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