Japan’s Twitter Top 10 Ranking, April 2010 (words and hashtag)

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2010)

From Japan Now on LJ:

Twipple Trend, BIGLOBE’s information site for Twitter users, has announced on Monday that it will be posting monthly ranking charts for the Twitter social networking service in Japan. The site reports that Japanese users sent 170,358,200 tweets in April, an increase of over 20% compared to March’s 140 million tweets. The most discussed topics included the new live-action spring television series and other programs, as well as anime.

The top 10 words were:
1 jishin earthquake
2 dorama live-action scripted television series
3 Gachapin green dinosaur character on the Hirake! Ponkikki children’s television program
4 densha train
5 K-ON! manga/anime franchise
6 Main Cookin’ Idol Ai! Mai! Main! anime
7 syy Say! You Young radio program for character voices
8 Ayu Ayumi Hamasaki
9 chikoku I’m late
10 Precure anime franchise

The top 10 hashtags were:
1 #agpr Chō!A&G+ radio service on anime, games, and character voices
2 #sunanare Sunao ni Narenakute/hard to say i love you dorama about five friends who meet via Twitter
3 #k_on K-ON!
4 #mc1242 MuComi+ radio program
5 #ohayo Ohayo~ Club
6 #keion K-ON!
7 #AngelBeats Angel Beats! anime
8 #syy Say! You Young
9 #arakawa_ub Arakawa under the bridge anime
10 #Precure anime franchise

The busiest day of the month for Japanese Twitter users was April 25 (6,518,220 tweets), and the busiest day of the week was Thursday (average of 5,779,112 tweets). The busiest time of the day is the 10:00 p.m. hour (average of 431,004 tweets). Users posted 44% of their tweets from personal computers, 33% from mobile devices, and 7% from APIs (application programming interface used by bots and other automated programs). 

source: anime news network

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