It all started with a Smirk…

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

A few days ago, I was reading the chapter 27 of Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu, a certain scene made me really curious. Yep, that’s right. It’s Kyouta’s smirk.

I was intrigued by that and it made me think that maybe he will do “it” with his senpai. Then, Hibino will found out about it and made Kyouta realized that men can also cheat (or something like that). I’m really curious and dying to know what will happen. I lurked around Mangafox and one member posted a link to an online reading site. I checked it out and was glad to found that the available raw is up to chapter 37. So if you are wondering if my question is answered, of course. I’m very happy about it. I won’t spoil you anymore whether Kyouta will cheat on Hibino or not (or you probably know the answer). if ever you want to know it too, read the chapter 30.

I did not spoil you about what I’ve mentioned about, but I’ll spoil you a bit of the latest chapter. Guess who’s this:

He is unfamiliar, right? This guy is a new character that seems to be a neko lover. He is also, I think, an acquaintance if not a friend of Kyouta. So there, I hope they’ll release the scanlations soon.

Your thoughts?

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