Indefinite Hiatus

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Sexy Lulu ^////////////////^

Heya people! How have you been? Christmas is only few days away, and so as the New Year. I’m wishing you all Merry Christmas and may you all have a glorious New Year!!!

As of this writing, I’m having my 2-week Christmas break. Unfortunately, I’ll be spending this break with less fandom and more on studies. You see, life’s kind of harsh right now. It will become more cruel next year so I’ve decided to dedicate my 100% concentration in my studies. Which means, I’ll be putting my fangirling on hold. Less anime and manga (I barely watch or read any right now), no blog posting (WordPress, Livejournal, Tumblr, Twitter), no fanfiction writing, and etc. Basically, you get the idea.

I’ll continue my downloads of anime, manga, and novel, jmusic and such, and I’ll try to read some news just to update myself a little. This is hard on my part since this will be the second time I’m announcing my inactivity. First one was in Japinoy (I miss the site T_T). Now, I’m inactive in most of my accounts.

As for the fate of Bishie Holic blog, NO WAY IN HELL AM GOING TO CLOSE THIS!!! XD Sure I’ll be on a hiatus but that does not necessarily mean that I do not have plans on continuing this blog. I am certain that I STILL want to post news, reviews, and whatnots. I hope you’ll still be visiting my blog when I come back. Please continue supporting my blogs and fanfics. *huggles*

PS. Hopefully, during my hiatus, I’ll be able to finish some of my unfinished anime. >_>

Your thoughts?

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