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Long time no post about randomness here.. tee hee  ^_^ I might as well keep you posted about my fangirling. 🙂


For the past 2 days, I’ve been trying to update myself with manga. I have read Sex Pistols, Kyoudai Gentei,  Koi Suru Boukun, Viewfinder (I only need to reread chapter 34 in this case), and Skip Beat!.


Sex Pistols: I was kinda thrown off track when a headless person appeared. At first I thought, he was the same at that merman. And yay we’ll get to see Shinobu-san’s past. Another thing that made me go “yay” was the scene of Yonekuni and Shirou. First, Shirou already calls him “Yonekuni” instead of the usual “Madarame”. Second, Yonekuni clings onto him nonchalantly. Oh how I love their pairing.!! ^//////^

Kyoudai Gentei: Do I smell MasatoxMiroku pairing? Hmmmm. What do you guys think? But at least, there are some progress with KanamexSouichirou pairing. Hooraaaay!

Koi Suru Boukun: This one’s really hilarious and dramatic in some sense. I lurve the latest chapters! ^////////////^ Sempai’s giving in to Morinaga’s moves. Plus, Misaki-san (Morinaga’s ex) has arrived. hoho I just can’t remember where did I read the part when Misaki met Morinaga’s older brother, Kunihiro. I think its before the start of volume 7. Hmmmmmmmmm *thinks deeply*

Viewfinder: I’ve read this one before on Yamane Ayano LJ comm. Got to lurve the part where Takaba imagines Asami as the one who is touching him.. ^/////////////////////////////////////////^

Skip Beat!: Cliffhangerrrrrrr. But I must agree with the other comments I’ve read, the past chapters were boring. 20 pages or so yet nothing happened. Gee. BUT we got the chance to see Ren-sama past. As what I’ve posted above, I laughed so hard when I encountered that page. Imagine how awkward it was.. XDDDD And Kyouko’s feelings have finally reawakened!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..! I hope she’ll finally acknowledge that. What’s the name of the other actor?? The one on chapter 165? Kirishima? I think that’s Asami’s assistant.. ^^” Something like that. Despite Ren’s prevention for him to see Kyouko as Natsu, he still saw her during the accident. Could that mean something? Who was that Rick from Ren’s past? Will Ren-sama snap back to reality when I Kyouko appears? What does Lory-san mean when he said that Kyouko is Ren’s talisman? Perhaps, someone who can help Ren in moving on from the past? Afterall, she made him forgot his watch (which reminds me of Ed’s watch in FMA)? Which reminds me, Sensei haven’t even revealed the gift sent to Ren on Valentine’s. >_> I also miss Sho and Reino. Sorry I have lots of questions..^^”

No anime update?

None at the moment. I’ve got to tell you I already started watching some of the Fall anime and more so, continuing those that I have started before. But since I’m not in the mood to watch any right now, yea no comments, updates or whatsoever for anime. ^^”

BUT no worries. Two reviews were made (it’s not as if anyone’s waiting for reviews..^^”) in the past days. One is an anime and another one is a manga. The titles? Wait until I post them. :))) I have been postponing to post them anyway because I always feel sick (what’s the connect?).. ^^”

As always, thank you for those who are constantly visiting this site. I never would have imagined that the number of views will reach 71,000+ and counting. Even to those who discovered this site accidentally, thank you. I am truly indebted to all of you. :))))) Please continue visiting Bishie Holic. Comments are super welcome. And following me here, on Twitter, Tumblr, Livejournal, Fanfiction will make my day. Don’t worry I don’t bite.. :)))))

Oh and for those who will attend the Yaoi con, lucky you! ^_^ I wish I can go there.. T_T

It has been a long time since I’ve done a post like this. ^___^

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