How I got into BL and other BL firsts

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)
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Serinuma Kae from Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

The Yaoi Day made me think of how I started getting into BL and all the worlds it opened to me www. It’s almost ten years since the first time I read BL, according to this  post. That time, I was still an active member of the Japinoy forum, and some of my friends were big fujojos. They tried to drag me to the dark side, but I resisted. I loved bishies but them liking each other wasn’t so appealing to me.

Then, one of my friends was raving about Junjou Romantica, and that got me interested… a bit. With a lot of reservations, I tried watching JR, and I couldn’t get past the op vid! Www

 I was so scared! Ahahaha. They were just holding hands, but I was like O____O. I thought I wouldn’t touch any BL with a 10-feet pole.

yaoi bl

Past forward to a year later, by some forces of nature, I got so into the series Only the Ring Finger Knows. To my dismay, it doesn’t have an anime, so I resorted to the series I avoided previously. Www

Okay, from here on out, I’ll be listing the titles that have a special spot in my heart for ruining my innocence. 83

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yaoi bl

Only the Ring Finger Knows [(Rakuten Kobo (JP), Book Depository (Paperback ENG), Amazon] – First manga. I’ll forever and ever have a soft spot for this series. I wouldn’t mind reading and re-reading this again and again. It doesn’t have the best story. Seasoned fans might even find it a bit cliche. But OTRFK ticks a lot in my list of favorite tropes, so I’ll continue to sing praises to this series.

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Junjou Romantica [CDJapan, Book Depository, Amazon]
– First anime. My heart ached for the lack of OTRFK anime, but JR filled that just as fine. This is also my first lemon (do people still use that term? LMAO) title. And Junjou Egoist is still my favorite couple. (Nowaki <3)


Totally Captivated [Rakuten Kobo (German), Book Depository, Amazon (Paperback), Amazon (Kindle)] – First Manhua. Moo Kyul is hot, and the doujinshi are nosebleed inducing.

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Bitter (Minami Haruka) [Rakuten Kobo (JP)] – Minami Haruka opened a lot of doors for me – porn without plot, super feminine ukes, shotacon, and more pwp lol. I think I did read their entire works at one point in my life which makes me wonder what the hell did I do with my time www.


DRAMAtical Murder [CDJapan, Play-Asia]

– First BL game. I loved this game to bits. Clear is my forever angel, and Aoba is the coolest and sexiest uke.

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A Promise of Romance, Caged Slave, or The Lonely Egoist – I couldn’t quite remember which I read first since it felt like I started all of them at the same time. I had a light novel phase before, and I just randomly read whatever BL light novel I could get my hands on. I read them before the OTRFK novels.

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Pink Gold 1 – First BL anthology and perhaps the first uncensored BL I got? I remembered the slew of tweets after a snippet of Asami’s (Finder series) uncensored *ehem* got around. :3

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Sensitive Pornograph – First hardcore BL. So hardcore, it traumatized me for days lmao. I was so shocked it took me some time to get back to the genre. Thanks to this, my tolerance for smut increased www.  Now, I’m just “oh, that’s it? /cackles”. /smacked


Sex Pistols – The series that introduced me to mpreg. I didn’t know that trope even existed before. www


Koketsu Dining – A pretty recent discovery and until now I don’t know how to classify this first. First beastiality genre????? But then I have to consider Tsuki no Hohoero and Sex Pistols. But the characters there changes appearance. In KD, Hyuuga is in an animal form? Or is it? I’m so confused. @_@


That’s all I can think for now. I think I’ve come a long way regarding tastes and other BL tropes. Next post is hopefully about recommended titles for newbs.

6 thoughts on “How I got into BL and other BL firsts

  1. Very nice 😀
    I got into BL because of my cousin. My first yaoi anime was Gravitation and my first BL manga was Minami Haruka xD
    I used to love her stories, but now I read once in a while. Girly ukes are not my thing anymore XDD
    My first BL game was Nessa no Rakuen. At the time I barely spoke Japanese, I was still learning, but it was easy to play with my basic Japanese knowledge.
    Totally Captivated was my first Manhua too 😀

    1. After all these years, I haven’t even seen Gravitation! And to think, that’s the first BL for most people www.

      Yeah, I guess, Minami Haruka helped in my transition from mostly shoujo to BL. Those girly ukes though lolol.

      Oooh, I haven’t played Nessa no Rakuen. How was it?

      Sometimes I have this urge to re-read TC for Mookyul. xD

      1. Me too xD Mookyul is so sexy
        Nessa no Rakuen only have 3 routes and it’s an easy and nice game 🙂
        Well, it was my first BL so I still like it xD
        The art is so pretty too

          1. Yes, I read the DJs too *-* so amazing!!!
            After you play it tell me your thoughts about it xD

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