(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

How’s everyone? ^_^

I was so busy with school that I couldn’t update my blogs, and my list of anime and manga. A graduating student like I am needs to do a lot of things especially now that I have my thesis.^^”

As I’ve mentioned on my previous posts, I am supposedly writing reviews for these titles:

Inuyasha Kanketsu-hen

Miracle Train

Tegami Bachi

Aoi Bungaku

Seitokaichou ni Chuukoku

Close the Last Door

Haru wo Daiteita

among many others..

But I was feeling so burned out (was that the right term? ^^”) with all the things that I need to review that I do not know where to start. I also have a feeling that I will not produce any good works if I write those. So possibly and the only remedy I could think off is that I won’t write reviews for those titles and just focus all my energy and attention on writing reviews on the series that have finished last season. With this, I wouldn’t be pressured with the titles that keep piling up on my list. What do you think? ^^”

Now what will happen to this blog? I definitely won’t close this one. I love Bishie Holic, I love putting news, updates, reviews, or just random fangirling. But my posts will become sporadic. With so many things that need to be accomplished in real life, I wonder if I can still keep this blog updated as what I have done in the past. I still hope I can, though. Posts will only come at least once a week (mostly every weekend). I’ll try finishing the series’ that recently concluded and write a review right after since I have the tendency to write a review few weeks (and even months!) from the day I have finished watching/reading a series.

I have also made an ff.net profile.. 😀 Currently, it only contains one fanfic for Working!! anime. Last night, I have finished writing my second fic which is a Code Geass one mainly on LelouchxC.C pairing. I just waiting for it to be  betaed.^^” I’ll post the link to the story when I got back from school later.. 😀

I hope you will still continue to drop by this blog. Thanks guys..:)

Your thoughts?

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