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(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

I’m here to rant again..haha! Seriously, I’d like to ask for your opinion. If you are a regular visitor of this blog or just happen to stumble here while surfing the net, you might notice that I’m also making summaries/synopsis for manga series. Now I’m wondering if I should continue doing that or just focus on making reviews to make life easier for me… What do you think? hmmmm.

Anyway, just recently I’ve become a NatsuxLucy fan. I still haven’t read the manga though but I’m planning to read it soon since I want to know what will happen to NaLu. I also like like GrayxLucy but NaLu is the best..haha

I always find the two of them cute and suitable with one another.. 😀

Another thing, since lots of anime series keep piling up on my list I decided to drop some of them. These series are: Kampfer, Kiddy Girl and, Ladies vs. Butlers, and Ookamikakushi. I haven’t started watching Ookamikakushi yet but I’ve downloaded the first few episodes. Because of the reviews I’ve read here http://shinmaru.wordpress.com/2010/03/15/ookamikakushi-10/ and here http://www.nihonreview.com/anime/ookamikakushi/, I am convinced that I shouldn’t start watching it. I’m still thinking if I should dropped 11 eyes too. The anime has a good animation and a promising plot but I just can’t stand some characters. ^^”

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  1. I think review will be the best.. I don’t know how many people rea dyour blog… but rember you real life and study is sth most important 😀

  2. reviews! there are already lots of sites where we can summaries and with reviews I think readers can get a clearer view of a certain series. 🙂 ganbatte ne! 🙂

    btw, drop 11 eyes. haha! after the first ep I wasn’t ‘excited’ with the plot… well, maybe it’s just me. XDD

  3. I guess I should say this is the first time for me being here but I plan to read more and stop by more. I’d very much like to see reviews on anime or manga.

    Oh I recommend reading Fairy Tail manga its really good. I have not watched the anime yet though so I don’t know its similarities.

          1. I see 😮 BTW, the other day I “stalked” your blog and I notice that your first blogging about anime… Then on year 2011 you starting to play otome games… If I’m not mistaken… (sorry if I creep you out >.<)

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