Hanasakeru Seishounen

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Seeing the picture for the first time, i told myself that I won’t watch this and ended up watching it. I dislike it primarily because of the art. No, don’t be mistaken. I still don’t like it. The art, I guess improved bit by bit. it’s like they’re trying to make the main guys awesomely handsome and turned out some facial features are out of proportion.

What made me reached my limit point was the personlity of the lead girl. It’s certainly annoying. In the first episode, I thought I’ll like this girl. She’s brave and not whiny. But, I’m definitely wrong.! She’s stubborn, childish (pretending to be mature), and impulssive. I don’t think she has anything to brag about aside from her family’s wealth. I also don’t hink she’s pretty (for my criteria, it has to be the combination of physical appearance, personality and intelligence = at least common sense). Kajika lacks that and fashion sense, considering she’s the only heir of her father.

Well, I’m quite harsh. I can’t help being irritated by her. I’ll just put this on-hold or worst, just decide to drop this. Now, I’m going to watch Higashi no Eden, instead.

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