Game Log # 4 – Loops

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2018)

koshotengai no hashihime

Starting off this post with, Loop & Loop from Ajikan!

Just how many loops does this game have? When I thought that I’ve finally reached the end, the game drops another bomb and starts another loop. No wonder, this whole thing saps Tamamori’s spirit. His psyche is on the verge of breaking down.

koshotengai no hashihime
[… This might all be a dream]
Meanwhile, Hakase gives me conflicting feelings. I don’t know if I’ll love his clumsiness or I’ll be crept out with his adoration towards Tamamori? But I’ll also have to question this said adoration. What did he find endearing with this self-centered loser? Or is it really Tamamori or Hakase knows something about Hashihime?

koshotengai no hashihime
[I love your eyes] (specifically Tamamori’s pupil bec of the kanji ‘hitomi 瞳’)
It never ceases to amaze me how Tamamori keeps on repeating the same lines to people when he knows full well they won’t believe him.

koshotengai no hashihime
[But why didn’t you wait at Suidobashi?] I’ve been wondering about that this whole time, Hanazawa.
koshotengai no hashihime
[You just didn’t want to acknowledge Minakami’s suicide]
So he doesn’t really care whether Minakami dies. It’s not Minakami who matters, but his thoughts on Tamamori’s story. Is that it, really?

Your thoughts?

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