Game Log # 3 – Muddled Thoughts

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2018)

koshotengai no hashihime

So what happens when one of Tamamori’s reliable friend dies?

Will he face the harsh truth? Or give in to his illusions?

What if the masked guy IS the shop owner? Lol Unlikely but, the two of them are so weird. So out of Tamamori’s world.

If Kawase is the Mr. Mysterious, Hakase is a double mystery. But I must admit, this guy is slowly growing on me.

This game piqued my interest by touching all the angles of the story, the what ifs, the back stories, loops, legends — all in one route. Though I admit, it is quite hard to catch up with all the shocking things the game throws at me.

koshotengai no hashihime

Don’t mess with Tamamori’s manuscripts or you’ll face Minakami’s wrath.

It hurts whenever Tamamori is left alone. I thought the betrayals hurt the most. But his loneliness kicks me the hardest. There are so many heartbreaks in one route

On the bright side, I mean, the bright side is Hanazawa. Hanazawa knows what to say in the right situation. He knows how to make the other people feel good. Like he is charming, even if that is not his intention. If it were an otome game, I’d definitely go for him.

Your thoughts?

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