Game Log # 2 – More Questions and Fishy Characters

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2018)

koshotengai no hashihime

I always doubt the wrong characters.

Like, I’d judge a certain character to be an accomplice or the mastermind. Then they would turn out to be on the side of the protagonist. Well, my predictions used to be 80/20 in the past. But lately, it is either a hit or miss.


I’m telling you, that shop owner where Tamamori lives/works at is definitely fishy. He is suspicious on soooo many levels. Tamamori never knew his face. He never cared about the bookstore. And he is also unbelievably tolerant when it comes to Tamamori. Even if Tamamori and co make noise at the store, he never gets angry.

Then again, everyone around Tamamori seems suspicious. Every single one of them is a walking question mark. I have a lot of questions, I don’t even know where to start. ww

Who is the masked guy? Why does he kill, but has a foreboding aura? As if he is grieving over something. That makes it hard to fully fear him. Because despite the terror he emits, he looks so sad, so lonely.

Why did Kawase keep meeting Hanazawa a secret?

Ultimately, why did Minakami commit suicide???

Also, why do they have fake names??

Kawase has a bad rep among the kids and the mystery around him is kinda scary. Well, he is scary. He is the type who puts people at an arm’s length. Plus, he is very cynical. Yet that makes him an interesting character. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. LIKE PROTECT KAWASE AT ALL COST. (Out of the characters, I love his voice the most!)

koshotengai no hashihime
I felt a tinge of sadness in his voice that tugged at my heartstrings (lol).

I’m quite amazed at how naive Tamamori is, at least at this point in the game. He continues his line of thinking and absurd reasoning, even if he knows full well that it won’t work. Well, he is either naive or stupid. /sigh I have mixed feelings about our protagonist.

Your thoughts?

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