Fumino, Hibino and Yukino (Shoujo Manga Heroines)

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Kiss/Hug vol. 2 chapter 9

Fanservice! Fanservice! xD

What more can we expect in this chapter? Of course, all about Yukino and Ryuu. Tori-kun, as hinted from the previous chapter, seems to be slowly harboring romantic feelings for Yukino. Ryuu notices it and become jealous. (He is still overprotective and possessive. ^_^)

I’m just wondering how did this become a sad story and how come that at the start of the story (when Yukino is already 19 years old) Ryuu is not with them. Btw, the story is a flashback.

Kyou Koi wo Hajimemasu vol. 5 chapter 24

I thought that Kyouta will be the one to save Hibino and scold those stupid girls. haha

Well, it’s obvious anyway that her friend, Miho, will be her savior. Miho is mean considering her intentions on befriending girls whom Kyouta bullies. She just afraid to be rejected by him just like the other girls. I just hope that she’ll accept the truth and continue being friends with Hibino. (If she wants to cut her hair, then does that mean that she wants to move on?)

Kisu Yori mo Hayaku (Faster than a Kiss) chapter 6

The sweetest chapter among the three.  ^___^ I love Fumino and Sensei (esp. Sensei <3) They are more open now with regards to their feelings with one another. xD

I also love the (rising??!)love triangle in the story.  Kurosawa-kun has a crush on Fumino yet he knows about the her relationship with Sensei. ^__^

But of course, the sweetest scene is between Sensei and Fumino.

Credits to the scanlators: Aerandria, Sporadic, and Kumquat Scans for the images.

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