Free and Lively (Venus Capriccio)

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2009)

For the series summary, refer here.

Mere curiosity got me into reading this manga. The good thing is, it did not fail me. I immediately love the series.

It is a slow-paced love story. Okay, we know from the start, who likes who. The problem is how will they leave their friends zone. it really took a while before the feelings became mutual. The ending have the so-that-was-it feeling. I thought of a more sweet finale but I got a feel-good ending instead. That wasn’t bad, right?

Aside from romance, readers will also enjoy the funny moments of Akira and Takami. It is not your usual love story with the annoying lead and super beyond the reality circumstances. The coupleĀ  aren’t lovey-dovey yet they are sweet. Takami acts rough and boyish, a total opposite of Akira, but isn’t dumb.

The title won’t have capriccio on it if it’s not about music. It is because of the piano that they met. It is also the start of their dreams. i would like to hear the sound of their music. They keep on saying that Akira is good but I want to hear it myself. An anime of this might be good. ^_^

Take a break from those sappy love stories. Try reading this for a change.

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