Fangirling..Fangirling..and MORE Fangirling

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

This past week is too tiring for me to handle.  With all those freakin quizzes, pre and post lab report sheets, lectures, readings, laboratory experiments, and acting all high-and-mighty professors, I thought I couldn’t survive all of them.. *sigh* Thanks to anime and manga especially the yaoi ones, I regained my energy and now back to business. *evil grin*

I pull an all-nighter last night to review for a supposedly quiz in our Micro Biology class and answer our pre-lab report sheet in Pharm. Chem. I didn’t even have a proper sleep so I’m praying so hard that there will be no classes (evil me..^_^). Thanks to the heavy rain, our classes are suspended. So early in the morning while researching for the answers in my pre-lab, I came across with this video.

I love how the maker of the vid made this video of Nowaki and Hiroki, my favorite pairing in Junjou Romantica. I just so love Nowaki. Moreover, the song entitled Together is really good.! I want to download the song but I don’t know where. If any of you knows, kindly inform me..^_^

Another reason to fangirl today is that Starry Heaven Scanlations is doing the scanlation of Hakushaku to Yousei manga. Yay.! Finally, a scanlating group for this manga. I just so love the anime and the characters and now I’m dying to read the manga.. Here’s the link to SHS: Hakushaku to Yousei

Are you a fangirl? Specifically, a yaoi fangirl? Then, this video is for you!

The lyrics is funny and naughty. I think, most of the yaoi fangirls can relate to this song. Many thanks to chaselyn-san from Japinoy for sharing the links of this video. ^_^

So there. Enough of the fangirling and now back to studying..>_<

Btw, thanks to yuukodesu and rabilince0912 of youtube for uploading the vids.

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