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The first fic that I will be posting is my very first fic. It is a Working!! fic entitled His Real Thoughts.  The pairing: Satou JunxTodoroki Yachiyo.. <3

This is the preview:

I have once heard that women are most beautiful whenever they talk about the person that they love. I wonder if that is also the reason why Todoroki seems to me like that. Despite the katana on her side, she is always cheerful and kind to everyone. It is just that whenever we have a conversation, it will always be about the manager and her. That’s a one-sided conversation, though. But still I don’t like to be rude to her and I can tolerate it even if the topic is getting on my nerves.

Lately, she is becoming quite curious on the person I like. Not that she has an interest in me anyway but it is in her nature to repay the kindness a person has showed her. I think she feels sorry for me for being “forced” to listen to her love for the manager so she wants to do the same, listening about my special someone. Well, if she wants to repay me then maybe… just maybe she can lessen her cluelessness and get a hint on things that I do. As if she can do that.

Hmm, what is this? I am getting a feeling that I am being watched. To think that I’ve been trying my hardest to concentrate on my work while chasing her off my mind and now she’s the one lurking on my back?


The next fic would be a Code Geass fic. You Are Not Alone is the title from Lelouch’s line to C.C. It is supposedly a two chapter fic but I can only give to you the first chapter. Speaking of Lelouch, when I was watching Kobato. last summer there was this character who almost look like him.

I was thinking that it looked like him because CLAMP also designed this character. Btw, his name is Okiura, the husband of the pre-school teacher (I totally forgot the name of the characters other than Kobato and Fujimoto). Anyway, here is the fic..

As far as I can remember, I am always alone. I cannot even recall my parents or the so-called family. I basically grew up an orphan and a slave. As an abandoned child with nowhere to go to, I had to work as a slave to survive in this hellish world. At least, that is what I wanted to believe in. I told to myself that serving my master and making him happy can also fill the emptiness inside me.

Love is unknown to a girl like myself. No one around me showed compassion nor care. So when I was asked what my wish was, I said it was to be loved by everyone. I felt complete bliss after I received the geass. Wherever I go and whoever I meet, they will definitely make me feel special. This is the feeling I have always wanted to feel. The emptiness inside me was engulfed by this overwhelming love that even a stranger was willing to give to me. However, it was just a fleeting feeling. It soon became both tiring and sickening. As the old saying goes, too much of everything is poisonous. There was so much love for me that I could not identify what was true love at one point. The geass bestowed on me was becoming more of a curse than a blessing. Suddenly, I went back from trance. The make-believe world I made was too suffocating which showed that I never grew up from being the simple slave girl.

My life was empty. Yet again. This was not new to me, though. I was always at fault for this. If I had not expected too much, I would not be feeling this. Contrary to love, betrayal had become a shadow, always lurking behind me. It followed me everywhere, no matter what era I was in. First, the nun I trusted betrayed me by entrusting an immortality code on me. Second, I betrayed myself. I have constantly betraying myself by setting expectations and hurting myself in the process. And then, I was betrayed countless times after that. By different people in different continents, decades after decades.


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