Fallen Boy (Bokura wa Itsumo: Chapter 6)

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

The above picture is from the characters of Bokura wa Itsumo, Kyousuke Murakami and Saeka Mishima.  They can make a cute couple right? ^_^

Chapter 6 is back to the point of view of the Prince (Kyousuke). It started on a flashback of Haruna’s word about him taking Nori from the Prince. It made the Prince think what is love and if he ever felt it. On the other hand, Saeka already started dating her beloved sensei (how I wish sensei made an  appearance).  Back to the Prince, he learned that his girlfriend only likes him for what he is. What will he do?

Some said that he should be with Saeka (then Nori with Haruna). For me, I want Saeka to be with Sensei then the Prince will be part of the triangle of the other two. I know right? They look good together.

Putting their relative issue aside, they can be a good couple. I just don’t like the idea. ^_^” Kyou-chan is maybe a little confuse about things between like and love. He easily gets flustered when it comes to his feelings. Besides, the throbbing he felt is nothing indifferent. If I remember it correctly, he also felt the same thing when Nori confessed to him (and accidentally rejected her easily).

Who do you think suits him more?

His reaction on Saeka’s face in the second picture is nothing unordinary. He also made that expression when Nori confessed to him when they were in middle school and during his chapter on one of the first five chapters.

I’m also afraid that the other guy, Haruna will also have another pair. The girl who appeared to like him (and stalking him a bit) in the chapter 5. She seemed to touch his heart a bit.

Oh well, whatever the mangaka plans on the story, let’s all look forward to the next chapter to be released faster.

Credits to Otsuwari team for scanlating this chapter and Manga Traders for the links. ^_^

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