[Event] blush Secrets & Confessions – BLUSH CONVENTION 2014

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2014)

5 thoughts on “[Event] blush Secrets & Confessions – BLUSH CONVENTION 2014

  1. yes! that’s my first time attending. too bad i wasn’t able to buy anything (i was aiming for mangas, too bad the ones i want were all out). if there’s one thing i’ve noticed, it’s that the goodies and the booths were not enough. we’re still a long way from having lots of BL stuff here in the philippines. but of course this will not deter the fujoshis for sure 🙂

    1. Have you been to Eiwa Manga’s table? You can order from them online, if you want. :)) I was actually surprised there were many participants in the market this time. ^^;; There were only like 5 (??) tables before. ;;;; But yes, this is one step for us~ 😀

      1. yes, I did check their table. Alas, my most favorite BL manga of them all, Maiden Rose, is not available! so I’ll order to them online one of these days. yeah, hopefully next year we will see more tables. more table means more BL goodies! <3

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