Equivalent Exchange (Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood Review)

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

Only now I have finished watching the last three episodes of Hagaren although the anime had aired its last episode months ago. ^^”

Story summary:

In a world where alchemy is part of people’s lives, equivalent exchange is common especially for alchemists. The Elric brothers experienced it the hard way. Edward – older of the two, lost his right arm and left leg while the younger one, Alphonse, lost his entire body because of an “alchemical” accident. The two of them are set to get their bodies back by searching for the Philosopher’s stone which is said to strengthen the powers of an alchemist. Their journey is bound to reveal bigger and darker secrets more than they have imagined.



I have always admired Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagaren). I instantly became a fan of this series when I’ve watched the older Hagaren shown in a local channel. So when the news broke out about the remake of FMA, I was thrilled and sceptical at the same time. I mean, what’s with this remake? How would this be different from the previous version which was on my point of view a good one already? (FYI, I am not reading the manga) I also thought that it would be a continuation from the previous one since so many speculations were going around. Then, episode one was aired and subbed. It was a heart-pumping episode, a way to start an action and adventure packed anime. First episode and the anime already showcased three of its potential good points: plot, animation, and music. Those three are very important for me especially I was expecting so much of it from Hagaren. A friend of mine told me that the first ep was a filler ep. Dang! It was disheartening. But I carried on watching the entire series even if I have to watch it for more than a year. Do you think you’d still have to guess whether I liked it or not?


This series have more often than not misled me. Although I cannot compare its twists and turns to that of Code Geass, it still repeatedly proved my thoughts incorrect. (I opt not to give examples since that may served as spoilers ^^) I have mentioned above that FMA started full of action. It continued along the series. The action scenes were exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat. Every now and then, comedic scenes will pop out in just everywhere and the timing is really good. At the same time, this anime is dramatic. I have shed an almost a litre of tears (woah now that’s a Japanese drama ^^”). There is episode that I have watched on the previous FMA that made me cry when I have watched the scene in Brotherhood for the second time. You might wonder what is the difference of this one from the other. I’ll tell you nothing much. They’re almost the same – two brothers searching for a way to get their original bodies back. Oh and I’ve said ALMOST. On the previous Hagaren, they have changed some things, different from the manga as well as the ending. Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood follows the original manga (if I remember it correctly, the manga ended on the same month as the anime).


The characters were loveable. Loveable not in a cutesy way. They were loveable because they act rationally. They were fighting for what they believed in. Audience can relate to their emotions and situations. You’ll see how each character’s grow with each episodes. You’ll laugh, cry, and feel their agony in the series.


The animation was good. Though the art was, of course, the same. It was only made sharper lines and colors. But I am not saying that they have the most perfect animation. They, too, have flaws. Refer to Roy’s chubby features and Envy’s muscular body. You’ll get used to it, somehow.


Other than the plot, I have enjoyed their music the most. The anime’s OST was composed of best Japanese artists such as Yui, SCANDAL, SID, NICO Touches the Walls, Sukima Switch, Chemistry, Miho Fukuhara, Lil’B, and Shoko Nakagawa. I, myself is a fan of Yui, SCANDAL and SID and FMA helped a lot in fangirling over them. All of their songs were cool (I apologized for my limited vocabulary as I cannot think of another word to state the awesomeness of their songs). It is a combination of Jrock and Jpop songs.


Should we forget the subbing group that brought this to us? Eclipse subs did a job well done (they always do that). From a good quality of video to correct subbing, timing and encoding, and including the karaoke in subbing, and releasing it faster than any group. There were other groups who also subbed Brotherhood, and I give credits to them too. But Eclipse is my favorite and I was really sad when they’ve closed their subbing group. 🙁


A cup of everything: good plot including action, adventure, comedy, drama, characters, awesome music, and most important of all, sharing its viewers many life lessons. So why not give this one a shot and you can never tell whether this can hook you or not. 🙂


*PS – If you want spoiler some screencaps of this, please check my Tumblr account or wait for those to be uploaded here.. 😛

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