Ef- A Tale of Memories (Anime)

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

This anime show is based from a game entitled Ef-A Tale of Two. the story is about the two protagonists, Asou Renji and Hirono Hiro.
I’m so moved with this show that made me want to watch it again. I’ve made a good decision for choosing it. I don’t know how to put it into words but it conveys a message in my heart. The graphics were good, though I just noticed that the female main characters have the same color, pink.hehe.. It is amazing for a short-series like that to have many theme songs. It also added some nudity but not the ecchi one, i think.
The story may start as the plain one but eventually, you’ll get interested as the series progresses. The characters have their own development in the series. What’s important is the message of the story. But I still have questions in the end. Like, Who is Yuko? Why is Himura-san waiting for her? Why does she always come and go during the characters’ moment? Why is Himura-san taking care of Chihiro? Are they somewhat related? Is Chihiro cured from her amnesia? Why did she remembered him when he ot back to the train station? Why does Kyosuke hasn’t given more exposure? ^^
I really rally wanted to watch this again..

I have learned from the series the importance of yume and memories. In fulfilling your dreams, there are memories that you need to treasure..

The next season of this entitled, Ef-A Tale of Melodies will come out this coming October..from ANN.com

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