Durarara DVD-Only Episode Streamed On Crunchyroll

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2010)

This one’s on my wish list last Winter and it is still remained as a wish.. *sigh*


Following up, the first of the DVD-only episodes of the Winter season hit, Durarara is currently being streamed on Crunchyroll for all members.  Episode 12.5 “Heaven’s Vengance” slots inbetween episode 11 and 13 in the series timeline.

The Headless Rider receives a mysterious red bag that creates big trouble. The Yakuza chase a gangster, and a wagon disappears on the highway, pursued by suspicious men in black suits. Mikado and his friends should be enjoying the summer festival, but have been swept up in the events. And, finally, a mysterious radiant object appears in the night sky over Ikebukuro…!?


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