Dogs: Bullets & Carnage has been Subbed!

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2009)

Last week, I was in Anidb and searching if any fansubbing groups have subbed this since it was shown last May. It was not yet subbed at that time so I wonder if when will someone pick up this series. Though I haven’t read the prequel yet, I’ve been wanting to see this series so much. ^_^ Then, 3 days ago, I was looking for new torrents in Tokyotosho and I found the subbed Dogs: Bullets & Carnage by Yuurisan-subs. Yay! Hooray to Yuuri-san! After that day, they also release an AVI version of this. Yay! It’s just that I haven’t watched it yet. ^^””

I’m looking forward for the release of another OVA of Dogs which is on July. I’m not sure if the title will be Dogs: Stray Dogs. I will also read the prequel of this and other manga of Dogs.

Your thoughts?

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