DMP’s plans on Little Butterfly Omnibus Manga

(Last Updated On: August 30, 2009)

Quoted from Anime nation:

Digital Manga Publishing has announced plans sell copies of its 560 page Little Butterfly Omnibus manga volume at this year’s Yaoi-con, far in advance of the book’s February 15, 2010 street date. The Little Butterfly Omnibus will re-issue all three out of print volumes of Hinako Takanaga yaoi manga in a single $29.95 book.

Furthermore, in honor of artist Makoto Tateno’s attendance at this year’s Yaoi-con, Digital Manga will sell copies of Makoto Tateno’s Yellow Omnibus volume 1 and Yellow 2: Episode 1 manga at Yaoi-con, more than two weeks ahead of their official release date.

Yaoi-Con takes place over the Halloween weekend, October 30-November 1, in beautiful San Mateo, California.

My reaction on the picture, the guys from Yellow looks cool than in the actual manga. ^_^
Oh well, the most awaited con for yaoi fans is almost here. As if I can go to that con. I just posted this because I got excited with pic..^^”

Your thoughts?

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