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(Last Updated On: November 2, 2010)

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Calling out to translators, letterers and editors, join us at!

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Welcome to the Digital Manga Guild, presented by Digital Manga, Inc. We are looking for groups and individuals to help us revolutionize the way we make manga. If you can translate from Japanese to English or a different language, edit a script or letter, then we want you! No party — Digital Manga, Inc., the Japanese publishers, or you (the localizers) — will get paid until a sales transaction is made. That means, we are all in this together! Join our online open platform community today to help bring thousands of un-translated manga to fans everywhere. The site is constantly being updated; please check back soon. 

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I’ve posted their plan about this before, I think. So, uh, if you are interested, why not apply right..^^”

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