Despera Anime Project Delayed, English Graphic Novel Release Confirmed

(Last Updated On: October 16, 2010)

According to two emails received by an interested fan, the Despera anime project currently headed by Yoshitoshi ABe, Chiaki J. Konaka and Ryutaro Nakamura (of Serial Experiments Lain) is under stoppage due to Nakamura’s health issues. The second email also confirms that the planned graphic novel release of the adaptation will also be released in English via digital distribution, with its contents consisting of the complete serialization as found in Animage magazine, which was completed this past summer.  A physical version of the graphic novel is also confirmed with additional content, but it is not specified whether it will also be released in English

The story of Despera centers around a 14 year old girl named Ain, who often builds devices despite the lack of scientific background for them. The sci-fi alternative period story is set in Tokyo during the Taishō era in 1922, one year before the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake.

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Anyone who have idea with this one? It looks promising. :))

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