(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

When I started watching this, I kept asking myself, “Why should I keep watching this?” and “Why is this popular?”. Now that I finished watching it, I’ve asked myself, “Why did I put this on-hold if it has a beautiful story?”

One thing that I realized while watching is that, it isn’t your average harem story. Yes, this is harem in nature. What makes this not the usual one is that it deals more about the lessons of life like the value of family and friends, following your dreams and happiness, and believing yourself. It has some romance mostly on the latter part of the story. The story can also make you cry as you sympathize with the characters and laugh with their gags.

Another thing that surprised me is the characters. For most of the harem-genre series that I watched, I ended up disliking a character from the harem circle. In this series, I can’t help but sympathized with their issues. Annoying won’t be the correct word to describe them. Rather, they’re funny and cute. A very good point of the story is the maturity of each of them. You enjoy discovering their characters and how they changed for the better bit by bit throughout the series.

The animation is really good. What would you expect from a game-based anime. From the sceneries down to the characters’ clothes, all were done beautifully. As for the music, I couldn’t say much about the opening song but I think theĀ  ending song is cute and it pertains to the favorite song of one of the main lead. The insert songs are also good for their respective scenes.

Your thoughts?

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