“CLANNAD After Story” – Kyou’s Arc DVD Extra

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2009)

It was announced at a recent CLANNAD fan appreciation event, 「Kono Machi no Negai ga Kanau Basho」, that the 8th volume of the 「CLANNAD After Story」 DVD series will feature a bonus episode that will cover Kyou’s arc — on sale July 1st. A preview screening of the episode will be held May 24th. We’ll keep you posted once further details are made available.

[UPDATE: 04.12.2009] – Synopsis for the Kyou arc bonus episode has been leaked on the BS-TBS channel programming guide — (it was meant to be a synopsis for episode 24 of After Story):

Warning! Spoiler Ahead..

Tomoya accepts Ryou’s love for him. Kyou one day allows Tomoya to use her for kissing practice. However the next day a rumor spreads around the school about Tomoya kissing Kyou. In order to squash all rumors, Kyou makes her love for Sunohara be known. But then…

credits to Moetron

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