Character Profile: Misaki Ayuzawa

(Last Updated On: November 2, 2016)

I’m actually planning to make this character profile a week after making the character profile of Lelouch. Due to my final exams and other stuffs, only now I can make the profile of Seika’s Student Council President.

She is the heroine in the shoujo manga created by Fujiwara Hiro, Kaichou wa Maid-sama. You see, she always battles with the male students in her school to protect the 20% population of the female students. She is very strict and wants everthing in order and above all, Misaki doesn’t want any girl to get hurt.

First, we need to know why our misaki is such a man-hater. It started when she was still a middle-schooler. One day, her father left a huge debt and at the same time vanished without a single word. It was hard for her to accept that she was betrayed by the man she trusted the most. Now, she has to work hard in school and on her work to help her mother and sister.

As the Student Council President

Before she became the President, she studies a lot to be on top and practices hard to become strong. In that way, she can gain the trust and respect of the teachers and schoolmates.

Since Seika is a former all-boys school, some male students take her lightly or doesn’t even want her to be their President. How could they like her if she’s so strict and bias on her decisions in their school’s rules and regulation.

As a maid

She has another personality outside the school. Misaki works at a maid cafe and she is known as Misa-chan. She is afraid that if the school finds out about her work, her reputation would go down. Misaki was also reluctant in having this kind of job. With the help of her workmates and also Usui, she came to love and respect being a maid.

The two guys for Misaki. ^_^

At first, there are only four people who knows her work (the 3 guys and Usui). In the latest chapter, her childhood friend Hinata, also knows her secret.

credits to Potatu-Otaku for the scans..

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  1. Hmm…This manga should become an Anime!!! and SOON! ♥

    I’m planning to cosplay Misaki, and was wondering if anyone knows where to get a fullshot of her cafe maid latte uniform? ^w^

    1. I agree..!! ^_^
      I don’t know if in the full shot is in the chapter 30. I’ll try looking too and post it here.. 🙂

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